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IRS4 Panel in-roof system, Northwood.

We aim to cater for a wide range of solar  PV applications, large or small, on or off grid, conventional or otherwise. We offer our customers a selected range from across the market place which we tailor according to their needs. We also carry out a range of fault finding and repair services for clients suffering issues with existing installations from other installers.

  • Dark or black panels and frames
  • In-roof and roof integrated systems for superior looks and style
  • Low ballast systems for flat roofs
  • Field mount systems
  • Choice of black or natural aluminium conventional mounting kit
  • Flat roofs – welded mounting for coverings such as Alwitra 
  • German manufactured inverters for durability, service and quality
  • Wide choice of panel manufacturers
  • Quality ancillary components – UK manufactured cable, isolators and switch gear.
  • Electric vehicle (EV) charging points
  • Solar i-Boost 
  • Battery storage solutions from top brands such as Rolls, Pylong and BYD
  • Fault finding, repair, maintenance & warranty work

For more information on how installing solar PV can benefit you and to book a no obligation appointment, call us on: 0781 0844 268 or e-mail via this website.