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NEW solar iBoost – Increase your savings by wasting less!

iBoost control panel picture

Turbo charge your PV


Key Advantages:

  • Increases the savings you already make, increasing investment return.
  • Simple to install and operate.
  • Short payback period.
  • 2yr manufacturer’s warranty & UK made.
  • Requires no additional plumbing if fitted to an existing immersion tank.
  • Can power secondary heating units such as Economy 7.
  • Built in boosts and manual over-rides.
  • LCD display shows energy being used and energy saved.


What is it?

The solar iBoost is a device that monitors energy produced by your solar PV and compares it against your consumption. Any excess is directed into heating water in your immersion tank or to power another device.


How does it benefit me?

In short, saving money on oil, gas or electricity – whatever you would normally use to heat your water with.

Not only will you be saving money by not spending it on whatever fuel you normally use to heat water, but in the case of boilers, they will not have to continually cut in and out every time water is drawn off, saving on wear and tear and servicing costs.

Better still, there’s nothing like that feeling of a nice hot bath or shower after a hard day, knowing that you haven’t had to pay for heating all that water!!


What is the payback period?

Depending upon consumption, this could be between as little as 1 to 4 years only.


So how does it work?

Immersion heaters are happy to work with as little or as much power as their rating will allow. By wirelessly monitoring energy flow from the mains supply, the device can calculate how much excess solar energy can be diverted into heating water via the immersion.  If you switch on a kettle, for example,  and insufficient energy is being generated from your solar PV and electricity has to be imported from the grid, then the device will switch off. Once the kettle has boiled and no energy is being imported the device will switch in the immersion up to a level that can be sustained without further grid import. This level is continually variable and no target threshold has to be achieved. In this way nearly 100% of excess energy generated can be saved for your benefit.


But what about export tariffs?

In standard domestic situations the amount of energy exported to the grid is not measured. Using the iBoost does not affect this payment in any way and you will continue to receive payments as normal.


What if I have “free solar” – will it affect warranties?

The iBoost is simple to install and non invasive. This means it does not invalidate any warranties you may have on existing solar products. The control unit sits between the immersion switch and immersion element which it is wired to. A radio monitoring device is attached to the inbound electricity supply. Wiring in the device is simple but the work should be undertaken by a suitable qualified electrician.


OK, so how much does it cost?

While stock last we have an introductory price of  just £299 plus VAT and installation (installation usually around 1hr).


Some quotes from our customers –

“The iBoost is just fine…….I have never had so much hot water.”

“My airing cupboard is warmer than it has every been.”

“I didn’t realise how much energy I was missing out on.”

“Only used the boiler for an hour last week……so I am now getting free hot water as well as free electric and a fantastic tax free return.”