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Zappi – charge your car from your solar panels


Myenergi Zappi car chargers are a smart an effective way to utilise your excess solar PV energy. 

Simple to use, they have three main settings:

Fast Charge – draw full power from the grid when you need to charge your car quickly whether day or night.

ECO+ – when you may have a little excess solar PV energy but not enough to properly charge your car, this setting will blend PV and grid electricity making it an ideal solution for those with smaller PV installations or in dull weather.

ECO++ – when you have plenty of excess energy that would otherwise go to the grid, use this setting to charge your car with completely free, completely green energy. 

Eddi and Harvi

These are Zappi’s brothers. The Eddi is an automatic switch that diverts excess solar energy into your immersion tank, if you have one, heating your water over the course of the day, acting like a cheap battery for that bath at the end of a busy day!

Harvi collects information to help Zappi and Eddi work. In combination it can monitor your solar generation, electricity drawn from the grid, your house’s consumption and more and display it in one easy to read mobile app which can help you use your energy more effectively.